Adam & Eve, Pendant, Sterling Silver,

Price: $500.00.  without chain

​​​​​Running Wolf, Sterling Silver pin. Price: $100.00

Peace Dove, Sterling Silver Pin. $100.00

Wolf's Head, Sterling Silver Pendant,  without chain. Price $100.00

3 dolphins pin Sterling silver, price: $150.00

Flame Menorah, Polished bronze, Price: $2000.00

Number in Stock: 2

Lion's heads Hanukkah Menorah, Brass, Price:$250.00

Lions and the 10 Commandments, Hanukkah Menorah polished Brass, Price: $100.00 

Dolphin Pin or pendant, Sterling Silver,  Price $100.00

Arabian horse Pendant price:  $500.00

​Not in stock can be ordered

Seahorse Earrings, Sterling Silver, Price, $150.

​Single seahorse Pendent, $100.00

Kudo,  Sterling silver, Pin or pendent, Price: $100.00

Judaica and Jewelry


David's Harp Hanukkah Menorah, Polished Brass

Price: $150.00 

Walking Wolf, Pin,

Sterling Silver. Price:$100.00


Torah Crowns, the 7 kinds,  Sterling Silver casting,

Weight approx. 3 lbs. each, fits over handle, 8" long Max. x (29mm )1.14" Dia.

price both : $20,000.00

​Sculpted Jewelry and Judaica

Sabbath Candelabra with gold plated lion 

Price: $1500.00.

​Number in stock: 1