Abstract Sculpture - Memories of war sculpture 

​Male Torso, Bronze, 28"H X 18"D X5"W Price: $15,000.00

Large Swordfish, Bronze, Patina 1 available, 32" H X 22" W X 10" D 

​The Kiss, Polished Bronze, 22.5"e8"W X 8"D, Price: $10,000.00 Need to order.

​Remnants of a firefight , Bronze, Price:$3,500.00  19.75 W X 9.75 H, + backboard

Memories of war​

​The Great Patriot, Bronze, 16" H X 10.5" Price: $3,000.00

​The March to War, 9.5"H X 19" W Price: $3000.00

.Lovers, Bronze, Patina, 6" H X 8"D X5"D  Price: 5,000.00

​SmallSwordfish, Polished Bronze 15"H X 5"D X 5.5"D. Price: $10,000, not in stock order 

​This bronze relief was stolen from storage if you see it please notify me. there is only one casting.

​​email: shachambronze@gmail.com 

In Memorial, Bronze, ​No longer available

The Tombstone Bronze 11" H X 15" W  with backboard, Price: $30,00.00