Michael Shacham teaches woodcarving at the American Woodcarving School, in Wayne NJ.

on Mondays from 1:00PM to 4:00PM

He also teaches stone carving on Saturdays 10:AM to1:00 PM and working from the model Wednesdays 6:00 to 9:00PM, 

at the Morris County Art Association in Morristown NJ, 10 Catherine Lane, Morristown NJ.

if interested, e-mail him at:


Grief Mahagony approx. 3' H 1967

private collection in Israel.

Stone Carving

​Adam and Eve,  Carved Mahagony, 25.25" W X 121.5" H price: $8,000.00,

Paper casting,$500.00 need to order.

​Intolerance, Hard marble,  Price: $12,000.00

Moses, Model. 25" H X 7" W x 6" D

Price bronze Casting: $6,000.00

Price Resin Casting:   $3000.00 

Summertime with Roses, Carved Mahogany  Price: $7,000.00​

Lions Head, carved mahogany Approx. 12" H

Bronze version available Price: $$3000.00

Need to order. 

​Eternal Struggle Detail.

Spring, Lignum Vita, 1964 private collection Israel

​Eternal Struggle, carved Oak 1965 private collection Israel

Moses, work in progress, walnut, approx. 6' High

Wood Carvings

​Pelican, Alabaster,  13.5"H X 18.5 W x 9"D Price: $5000/00

Rams head Alabasteer, in private collection

Female torso, Cherry wood 22" H X 5" X  7.5"

Price $8000.00